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Wednesday, May 2

What's in momma's purse?

The other day at a wrap-up party for one of our youngest classes, we were sharing in some snacks together.  Snacks can be a challenge for young families, making sure things are of a non-choking size, but particularily in "buffet" type situations like we have for our parties.  Some selections are difficult for small hands and small mouths to manage.

Carla, a very resourceful mother, showed me a new trick that in all my mothering years and years teaching Kindermusik had never seen before.  She travels with scissors.  When it was time to have the snacks, she takes out her handy pair of scissors and proceeds to cut up her daughter's food to just the right size!  No knife, no fork needed.  The scissors do it all.  Then she wipes them off and puts them back in the purse for the next time.


Have any handy tips you'd like to pass on?