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Tuesday, June 28

Meet the "New" teacher


I've been contemplating a new haircut for the past couple of weeks.  Been looking through some magazines for ideas.  In fact, I had a couple of ideas I was going to bring with me to the salon today, but half-way there I realized I had left the pictures at home.  

So I left the concept to the professionals at Pink Lime Salon and came home with this.


You know how things are with magazine before/after pictures... scary lighting and no make-up in the "before", and then professional photo with full make-up application for the "after".  But this is just me with 7 weeks of grow out (how did I leave it so long) and then me with the new look.  I told Nader I'd better take a picture when I got home because things don't really look the same once you have to style it at home.  (smile)

This post is a little indulgent...nothing to do with parenting or music.  But I thought some of you may want to see the "new" teacher.  Change is good.  A fresh hairstyle gives me a fresh life outlook.  And a happy teacher is a good thing.  : )

Monday, June 27

Pouring into your life

Fingers in the soil
Tend to the blooms
Read a book
Maybe two.
New recipes
Try a new haircut
Tea for two
Catching up on conversation
Kindermusik conference
25th anniversary celebration with my Greg
Seattle and Alaska
Enjoying the richness of relationship
Seek inspiration
Look for beauty
Long walks
Just              Be

Let the summer begin.
The filling of a heart is a journey to be savoured


As I was watching a friend's children the other day, I was reminded that young mothers have a very demanding job.  Now it certainly isn't a relection on her children - we had a great time.  But I had forgotten just how moment to moment life is for mothers of young children.  Just looking at the above list, I remembered that most of the items on it are just a young mother's fantasy...when my own were little, the mere idea of going for coffee with a friend for a couple of hours was enough to carry me through a challenging day of cooking and tidying, reading and referree-ing, watching and carrying.  

As children get older, the workload gets lighter.  Growing independence in children means Mom gets more time for personal pursuits and pleasures.  But it's essential to have some space to feed into your own reserves along the way.  I'm sure you've heard it said that you can only give out what you have received yourself.

And it can be just those little things
a leisurely hour to buy a new lip colour
a chapter in a favorite book
an afternoon with pictures and scrapbooking

that can make all the difference in how full your storehouse is.  

Sunday, June 19

"I can do it"

Take stickers, paper plates, tape, and fruit loops.
Add one eager-to-participate child.
And you get growing self confidence!

One of the favourite sayings of my young children, and yours as well, has always been 
"Watch Me!!"

Children want to be able to learn to tie their shoes, help clean up, make their own crafts, spin their own hoops, and catch a ball.  Providing children with opportunities to accomplish something with a side helping of mom or dad (or a teacher)  to cheer them on is a perfect way to enhance a growing "can-do" attitude!
It's not just that they want to do well.  They want us to watch them do well, and tell them so!!
It's not just about spending time together.  It's not just about monitoring their activities.  This can be a wonderful opportunity to not only build skills, but transform a young child into a young man or young woman who knows they are capable, and want to contribute their talents to a world in need of them. And that can change everything!

So shine with pride, my special friends!  You are loved! You are talented!  You are amazing!!  
Your talent and art bring joy to my heart, and your helping hands make our world better.

And parents - well done!  Your shining faces towards your children say loud and clear that your love and pride is calling forth their best selves : )

Tuesday, June 14

Playdough possibilities

A very long time ago I came across the best playdough recipe I've ever found.
Some recipes are too sticky.
Some are too grainy.
Some dry out too quickly.

This one is just right, and is the one we use in this week's Zoo Train craft.
If you keep it in a plastic bag when you are done with it, it keeps soft and useable for as long as you like.


2 cups of flour
1 cup of salt
2 tbsp. cream of tartar (helps to keep it from feeling "grainy")
2 tbsp. cooking oil
2 cups water
food colouring
2 pkg. Koolaid (completely optional - provides a scent, but also increases the likelihood your child will want to eat the playdough)

Mix all ingredients together in a large pot.  Cook on medium heat until it starts to feel stiff and change consistency.  Remove from heat and knead on waxed paper for a few seconds.
The cooking part only takes about 2 or 3 minutes.  Hint:  If you are using the food colouring and/or Koolaid, mix it in with the water before combining with the wet ingredients.  The color mixes in more consistently.

This playdough is great for party favours or rainy afternoon activities.

Animal sounds extraordinaire!

One of my new favourite books is The Book of Awesome, by Neil Pasricha.  It's a book based on the author's blog about everyday kinds of awesome things...like

When the guy at the border doesn't ask any questions
Coming home after a long day to the smell of someone cooking dinner.

It's a smile-fest in a book binding.

So when I came across this little video today, in the spirit of everyday awesomeness I wanted to share.  It's Kindermusik homemade animal sounds in a whole new dimension!!!


Enjoy!  I'd say we have some practising to do before our sounds can compete with this talent.

Saturday, June 11

Summer Playdates!

One of the first questions of summer holidays in my home is "What are we going to do today?"  While  summer is a great time to spend time with your children in meaningful, musical, and active adventures, it can be a challenge to come up with fresh ideas for your children.  

Now there is a Kindermusik Playdate opportunity in your Summer!    
July 19 and 21 
August 16 and 18

Kindermusik Stepping Stones will be having a class from 10:00 to 11:30 each morning so your family can reconnect with familiar Kindermusik friends, and bring in your not-yet-enrolled friends to have a taste of the Kindermusik you have come to LOVE!

Instruments, singing, dancing, stories, crafts, and a snack...all with an extended free play with the balls, toys and tunnel...and friends.

Don't delay in registering.  There are very limited spaces available for these playdates.

Best of all...if you bring a not-yet-enrolled friend to try out Kindermusik...you get in for half price! 

Interested?  Contact me at  kmsteppingstones@shaw.ca

Saturday, June 4

Can I have this dance?

Scooping up your baby and dancing around the living room can be one of life's little pleasures.  I've long since forgotten how many times I did that as a young mother, but I can tell you that dancing with my children happened a lot.  

We'd put on our favourite CD's and
spin and twirl,
put our right hand in and put our right hand out,
dip and sway,
groove to the silly ones,
dance slowly to the restful ones.

Fast forward a few years and the children are in elementary school and have stopped dancing with mom, but my oldest could still be seen dancing and singing around the house on his own.  My daughter was well into her dancing endeavours with tap, jazz, and ballet lessons.  But my middle son has abandoned dancing in favour of other activities - like comic books, and playing with friends.

This week was a big occasion in our house - my middle son, Colson, had his high school graduation.  Monday was the commencement and Friday was the dinner.  How amazing it is to see your "babies" grow up and become ready for taking on the adventure of adulthood.  At the dinner last night, my son's former grade two teacher was there with her own graduate and we had a few moments to reminisce about all those years ago.

I had mentioned to my son earlier in the week that there is always a mother/son or father/daughter dance at the grad, and I was hoping to dance with him.  I could tell he was a little (OK, quite a lot) uncomfortable with the idea as this would involve letting down his don't-touch-me "forcefield".  But I just mentioned it the one time.  As we were enjoying the dinner and the various toasts and awards, I was wondering about the upcoming moment...

Of course, even though the grads come with their parents, they do roam around and connect with their friends at other tables.  As the MC was announcing that the parent/grad dance was about to begin I saw that  my son was  - no where to be seen.  So I got out my phone to text him - and as I looked up for a moment -  there he was - holding out his hand to me to come dance.

There are moments 
that stay with a mother for the rest of her life.

This will be one of them