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Sunday, May 29

Connecting with crafts

Crafts, as you know, are a favourite activity in summer camp!!  For the "On the Road" class, I like to wait until the parents join us to do the craft so that children have the individual attention needed to work on the craft, and also, because Mom or Dad can become the "cheering section" as a project is completed.

Last Friday we were making homemade puzzles and I was showing the families how to fill the page with a big drawing so that when you cut it up you have part of the picture on each piece.  As the children chose markers and began their pictures I got out my camera and started to photograph the event - since the children have individual attention from a parent, I can be a little more free for such things.

As I was taking pictures, I noticed that one of the boys was making a picture just like mine - same colours, same items in the picture, etc.

I told Braden that it would be fun to take a picture of our puzzles together,and he wanted to know if he could take it - "well, sure you can!"  I could tell he was quite pleased with being acknowledged, and when I mentioned that he should remember to take his puzzle home with him, he wanted to know if he could take mine home, too.  Big smile!

Well, how easy can it be to make a young boy's day!?

I love when children copy what I do...whether they copy my picture in class, or go home and pretend to have Kindermusik class and they take the role of "Teacher Heather".  It means that they are associating with me - and developmentally speaking - I am the music to them.  Case in point - one little girl (Greta) , I found out this morning, calls me either "Mrs Wiebe" or "Class"  (big smile).

It was so heart-warming to see moms and children sitting close, working on their puzzles and Giraffes this week. These little moments are the big moments in life - moments when children are made to feel important and creative and contributors to a more beautiful life!

My fingerprints are all over this project!

Sunday, May 22

You've got the moves!

Baby Break dancing - AWESOME!!
One of the most important ways of increasing your child's learning potential is to use your body!  

Swaying your arms down low like an elephant trunk, 
Driving a pretend car - including lots of honking and starting and stopping
Rocking back and forth in a blanket hammock,
Stretching our bodies out long on the floor like a lion,
Dancing with our Kindermusik community.

All of these examples have been taken from our Kindermusik curriculum this week and have encouraged growth in 

Community connectedness
Vestibular stimulation (that sense that helps us feel oriented as we move around)
Inhibitory control
Co-ordination of movement between body parts
Musical interpretation - artistic expression

Just to name a few!

And don't forget that when you add actions to a song it allows your brain remember the song much more easily!    So as you are breaking open your new summer camp CD's this summer, or enjoying your music from earlier semesters, don't forget the best part - active participation!  And if you've forgotten the dance moves from class - no worries.  Just make-up your own.  A little family hand holding, circling around, and going in and out, goes a very long way!

Sunday, May 15

Here We Go!

It's been two weeks since I've seen most Kindermusik families and I must say...I've missed you!  I've been busy getting things ready for Summer Camp, and tomorrow will be more of the same - but the posters are up.  The music has been loaded onto my ipod.  And the crafts and snacks are being prepared.  So much cutting and sorting and organizing to do. (Big smile - I know how much your children are going to LOVE our 5 week adventure!!)

We are going to give you so many new songs and activities to enjoy, both at home and

You'll be singing and laughing, crafting and pretending, and enjoying life through the wonder of making music together in child-friendly ways.

Of course, we'll meet animals along the way

as we head out on the

There will be lots of friendly faces to guide and greet!  

We've got 

ahead!  Busy days of discovery!  Busy days of learning.  Busy and eager days of "Is it a Kindermusik Day today, Mom?"

Welcome aboard!  Oh...one more thing!  Good News!  There is still room for a few more.  Don't miss out!  Summer Camps are my favourite!

Sunday, May 8

Mother/daughter moments

There are some moments in a mother's life that are special.
Buying your baby's first outfit.
Hearing your baby say "Mama" for the first time.
Watching your child go to their first unparented class.
Your baby's first pair of shoes...

Of course, we all have a list a mile long, with a few variations along the way for individual family preferences.  But yesterday I had another one of my moments.

I have always been a "girly" girl.  If I could, I would wear a dress just about everyday of my life.  I love make-up and perfume and getting my hair and nails done.  So when my girl turned out to a "girly girl" too, it has been a LOT of fun for us.  From the time Olivia was very young, we would do our nails, wear dresses, and do "girly" stuff.  One of our favourite things to do was to check out the perfume counters at The Bay everytime we were at Southgate, usually coming home with a sample or two.

My niece is getting married next weekend and we were looking at what we had to wear and Olivia wanted to get some new shoes.  And...she wanted some shoes with high heels.  I haven't been opposed to her wearing higher heels, but she's always chosen flats or low heels.  As we looked at the various shoe stores I was admiring my now-taller-than-me daughter trying on the "big girl shoes".  My 5' 5" daughter was now more like 5' 9" and looking about two years older.  Although the salesgirl was trying to talk us into the much more expensive Michael Kors brand, we opted for the more modestly priced (and in my opinion, better looking) shoes.  Yes, mothers, your children will also, in all likelihood, develop an affection for all things name brand - but that's another story : )

As she brought those shoes home and tried them on with several outfits at home, I was thinking about how she had just seen me do the same thing that morning - trying on my new dress for the wedding with the various shoes I have at home.  Like mother, like daughter.

Finding things to celebrate about your similarities with your child is a wonderful thing.  Maybe you don't share the same fashion sense, but maybe you both love the outdoors.  Maybe you both love to cook together.  Maybe you both love hockey.  This Mother's Day, enjoy the beauty that is your relationship with your child.

Evidence of one of our "girly" days!