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Sunday, May 22

You've got the moves!

Baby Break dancing - AWESOME!!
One of the most important ways of increasing your child's learning potential is to use your body!  

Swaying your arms down low like an elephant trunk, 
Driving a pretend car - including lots of honking and starting and stopping
Rocking back and forth in a blanket hammock,
Stretching our bodies out long on the floor like a lion,
Dancing with our Kindermusik community.

All of these examples have been taken from our Kindermusik curriculum this week and have encouraged growth in 

Community connectedness
Vestibular stimulation (that sense that helps us feel oriented as we move around)
Inhibitory control
Co-ordination of movement between body parts
Musical interpretation - artistic expression

Just to name a few!

And don't forget that when you add actions to a song it allows your brain remember the song much more easily!    So as you are breaking open your new summer camp CD's this summer, or enjoying your music from earlier semesters, don't forget the best part - active participation!  And if you've forgotten the dance moves from class - no worries.  Just make-up your own.  A little family hand holding, circling around, and going in and out, goes a very long way!

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