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Sunday, May 15

Here We Go!

It's been two weeks since I've seen most Kindermusik families and I must say...I've missed you!  I've been busy getting things ready for Summer Camp, and tomorrow will be more of the same - but the posters are up.  The music has been loaded onto my ipod.  And the crafts and snacks are being prepared.  So much cutting and sorting and organizing to do. (Big smile - I know how much your children are going to LOVE our 5 week adventure!!)

We are going to give you so many new songs and activities to enjoy, both at home and

You'll be singing and laughing, crafting and pretending, and enjoying life through the wonder of making music together in child-friendly ways.

Of course, we'll meet animals along the way

as we head out on the

There will be lots of friendly faces to guide and greet!  

We've got 

ahead!  Busy days of discovery!  Busy days of learning.  Busy and eager days of "Is it a Kindermusik Day today, Mom?"

Welcome aboard!  Oh...one more thing!  Good News!  There is still room for a few more.  Don't miss out!  Summer Camps are my favourite!

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