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Monday, June 27

Pouring into your life

Fingers in the soil
Tend to the blooms
Read a book
Maybe two.
New recipes
Try a new haircut
Tea for two
Catching up on conversation
Kindermusik conference
25th anniversary celebration with my Greg
Seattle and Alaska
Enjoying the richness of relationship
Seek inspiration
Look for beauty
Long walks
Just              Be

Let the summer begin.
The filling of a heart is a journey to be savoured


As I was watching a friend's children the other day, I was reminded that young mothers have a very demanding job.  Now it certainly isn't a relection on her children - we had a great time.  But I had forgotten just how moment to moment life is for mothers of young children.  Just looking at the above list, I remembered that most of the items on it are just a young mother's fantasy...when my own were little, the mere idea of going for coffee with a friend for a couple of hours was enough to carry me through a challenging day of cooking and tidying, reading and referree-ing, watching and carrying.  

As children get older, the workload gets lighter.  Growing independence in children means Mom gets more time for personal pursuits and pleasures.  But it's essential to have some space to feed into your own reserves along the way.  I'm sure you've heard it said that you can only give out what you have received yourself.

And it can be just those little things
a leisurely hour to buy a new lip colour
a chapter in a favorite book
an afternoon with pictures and scrapbooking

that can make all the difference in how full your storehouse is.  

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