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Tuesday, June 28

Meet the "New" teacher


I've been contemplating a new haircut for the past couple of weeks.  Been looking through some magazines for ideas.  In fact, I had a couple of ideas I was going to bring with me to the salon today, but half-way there I realized I had left the pictures at home.  

So I left the concept to the professionals at Pink Lime Salon and came home with this.


You know how things are with magazine before/after pictures... scary lighting and no make-up in the "before", and then professional photo with full make-up application for the "after".  But this is just me with 7 weeks of grow out (how did I leave it so long) and then me with the new look.  I told Nader I'd better take a picture when I got home because things don't really look the same once you have to style it at home.  (smile)

This post is a little indulgent...nothing to do with parenting or music.  But I thought some of you may want to see the "new" teacher.  Change is good.  A fresh hairstyle gives me a fresh life outlook.  And a happy teacher is a good thing.  : )


  1. Looks great! We'll see if my kids recognize their 'class' :)

  2. You look great Heather! Fresh and vibrant, it suits you well. I'm particularly impress with the before and after shots. Same background, outfit, exact expression. Keep blogging.