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Sunday, June 19

"I can do it"

Take stickers, paper plates, tape, and fruit loops.
Add one eager-to-participate child.
And you get growing self confidence!

One of the favourite sayings of my young children, and yours as well, has always been 
"Watch Me!!"

Children want to be able to learn to tie their shoes, help clean up, make their own crafts, spin their own hoops, and catch a ball.  Providing children with opportunities to accomplish something with a side helping of mom or dad (or a teacher)  to cheer them on is a perfect way to enhance a growing "can-do" attitude!
It's not just that they want to do well.  They want us to watch them do well, and tell them so!!
It's not just about spending time together.  It's not just about monitoring their activities.  This can be a wonderful opportunity to not only build skills, but transform a young child into a young man or young woman who knows they are capable, and want to contribute their talents to a world in need of them. And that can change everything!

So shine with pride, my special friends!  You are loved! You are talented!  You are amazing!!  
Your talent and art bring joy to my heart, and your helping hands make our world better.

And parents - well done!  Your shining faces towards your children say loud and clear that your love and pride is calling forth their best selves : )

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