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Tuesday, July 12

Umbrellas and rain coats!

For years I had a green and yellow reversible rain coat.  Maybe you remember the kind - heavy, felt like rubber, and maintained a musty smell from it's wet duties.  It was good when out camping, but for everyday wear - no thanks, I'll pass.

Umbrellas, on the other hand, have always held a fascination for me.  I've had rainbow colored ones, black ones, red ones, large "golf size" ones, and tiny portable ones.  Nowadays, however,  if we have a rainy day, it's a perfect day to get out my sunshine yellow with white polka-dots portable shelter and enjoy the instant sunshine that it brings!  Yup...I love my umbrella!

On our recent trip to Seattle, we were greeted with "thanks for bringing the sunshine" as they had just come off of about 6 weeks of rain.  Before our cruise to Alaska, my husband and I enjoyed two perfect sun-soaked days there, but it was a good reminder about just enjoying the day, whatever the weather.  Available umbrellas were standard whereever we went, and advertising mentions about how much rain Seattle gets set the tone for how rainy weather life is just fine.

We had some rain on our trip, but we just enjoyed our excursions, anyway.  Kayaking....rained before and some after.  Shopping in the ports....rained.  On the boat....couldn't really go out on the deck much because of the chill and the rain.

But it didn't matter.

We went Kayaking anyway.  We went to the lumberjack show anyway.  We went for a hike anyway, despite the misty skies.  And instead of going on the deck of the cruise ship, we watched the whales and dolphins from inside the fitness rooms while using the eliptical machines.  Now there is some inspiration to keep going with a workout - watching the ocean life play in front of you!!  And it didn't rain all the time.

So in the wet days of July - of which we are having many - grab your umbrella (or maybe you need to buy a great, bold colored one) and go outside on purpose.  The determined, rain-can't-stop-me attitude is empowering.  Just think...."Singing in the Rain"...you know - the classic musical!?

Oh, and a new raincoat (Happy Birthday to me!) in your favourite colour doesn't hurt either.

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