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Sunday, July 24

A Mini Vacation in our Home Town

Today was the best summer day so far.  My husband and I went with friends to "A Taste of Edmonton" and used way too many coupons - but the food and sunshine and music were just awesome!   I always look for the chocolate covered strawberries, the cappucino shooters (both from The Sutton Place booth), and the ginger beef.  But I also enjoyed the chicken satay, the channa masala and saffron rice, spring rolls, scones and whipped cream with saskatoon sauce,  and fresh lemonade...can you say "Oink"?   To be fair, I didn't eat all of those things all by myself - but truthfully...it was all sooo good!

I love the opportunity to go to these cultural events and be with the packs of people who are all there to enjoy the comraderie of good food and good friends, and get the bonus of the city hall fountains, the sunshine on our rain-weary faces, and the feel good sounds of our local bands/entertainment.

People young and old, close to the soundstage breaking into spontaneous dance.  People sitting on the steps and by the tables swaying to the music.  Lips moving silently to the lyrics they are too nervous to sing along aloud to.  All make up the wonder that is one of Edmonton's best summer events.

When our kids were little we took them with us a few times, but now we go with friends and enjoy a "date" together with other adult friends.  Oddly enough, my oldest was there at the same time with some of his young adult friends.

Great weather
All timeless, age-ignoring pleasures.

You should go!  Be a part of the vacation opportunities right here in our own city and introduce your children to the cultural world waiting for them!

Why not double the adventure and take the LRT to Churchill square?  You won't need to find downtown parking, and children under 6 ride for free.

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