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Wednesday, July 27

Trying something new

"Should I...or shouldn't I.
I won't know anyone.  What if no one is friendly?
I really should.
But if I start, will I stick with it?  Maybe I shouldn't even start.
I'm feeling nervous.
What if I'm the oldest one there?
What if I look ridiculous?"

Ever been there?  Starting something new can be intimidating.
I started out at a new gym this week.  In the spirit of health improvement I have been investigating all kinds of alternative health options, but I have never (until now) taken the step of joining a gym.

But as I was driving there I realized that for many people, coming to a Kindermusik class is intimidating as well.  As much as I know the songs and dances and feel completely at home there, new families could be feeling all the same hesitancies that I was feeling towards going to the gym.  Hmmm...interesting thought.

So I got to the gym, found my way to the change room and was then waiting by the group exercise classroom.  Then the one thing happened that changed my whole outlook from nervous to "let-out-a-long-slow-breath...it'll be OK".   One of the people also waiting approached me and asked if I was waiting for the class, and we struck up a conversation.  She was very reassuring.  Turns out they were starting a new routine tonight and this woman was one of the instructors for the class the next day and wanted to see how someone else did it first.

Funny how just one person taking the initiative can make someone's day...or change someone's life.   You see if no one had talked to me, I would have left with a negative experience, and maybe not come back...afterall, I was just there on a complimentary pass...no obligation yet.

So those of you who make an extra effort to connect with other families in class....THANK YOU!!!  When parents are brand new, they are looking for a friendly face and you are making a difference not only for that day in music, but making an opportunity for a family to embrace music for a lifetime!!

"I know you're not my mom, but can I show you what I'm making?"

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