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Tuesday, July 27

Welcome to the new Kindermusik classroom!

Welcome everyone to the new blog! Thought it was appropriate to introduce all of you to the new site by way of showing you some of the changes happening in the place of clapping and cheering, hugging and singing - aka the Kindermusik classroom. Since a picture is worth a thousand words here are some for your viewing pleasure...

Those big kids are mine, and yes, it was a family project for us! Still some left to do - but it's such a BIG change from the white walls and gold/brown flooring. Having the WHOLE room carpetted makes it seem like a bigger space, so we can dance more freely! The hidden bonus is that the underpad will help cushion those inevitable tumbles. Can't wait to see you all here...


  1. Wow! The room looks amazing. Can't wait to
    come back to class this fall and break it in:)

    Stacy Bruinsma

  2. It looks wonderful Heather, we are very excited for the fall to start and get back into class!

  3. Amazing! We are excited to see you again soon in the new space for singing and dancing!