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Sunday, April 10

Living the music

Easter musical passion play.  The preparations began weeks ago for me, but are in the final stages this week.

This is truly going to be one of the busiest, yet strangely best weeks (make that 10 days) of the year for me.  Part of me has an elevated heart rate while on a quiet Sunday night I anticipate the organizational feat it will be to live it, but part of me revels in the prospect.

As much as I love passing on the passion torch for music through music lessons, I also love being involved in the performing process.  I LOVE working with talented musicians in pulling together a performance.  Being right on stage and being surrounded by sound so loud you can't even hear your own voice is a consuming wave of adrenaline rush.  I'm certain I've lost some hearing capacity over the years because of my love of listening to music way too loudly.  I like to feel the vibrations and be completely immersed...kinda weird for a mother of teenagers, I know.  But we all have our quirks.

This past weekend I was enjoying another live music event - "Tosca" - at the opera.   The staging was great, the symphony was beautiful, the singing was amazing.  But I felt a little disconnected as the seats were too far away to feel like I was really living it.  Plus with having to check the Engish translations projected overhead all the time, it was like slipping in and out of the story.  Not complaining...just wishing it was  closer.

I'm a front row girl.  I like to be right up where the action is, taking it all in as if I were actually in the event...on stage...in the story...in the moment.  I like to see the actors facial expressions, the nuanced movements, the longings inferred.  The arts are so much more than getting the notes right - it's about connecting with the audience through shared emotion and experience.  And it's so much easier to do when you are right up front.

Come live the moment with me next weekend - April 16 - 19 at Millwoods Assembly 
                                                                                                    (23 Ave & 66 St.)
Come early and sit right up front where the action is.
Immerse yourself in the story and emotion.
Feel the music and the passion.
You'll have a night to remember.

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