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Monday, September 5

Twas the night before...

Twas the night before classes, and what do I do?
Facebook and Blogger and read lesson notes, too.

I know that students going back to school is on everyone's mind, but teachers go back, too.  Tonight I'm finding that waiting for great things to begin can create a nervous excitement that is distracting to the rest of life.

I should clean a bathroom.   I should wash a floor.  Yet, I divert to my ways to connect with people - even indirectly, like email, facebook, blogging.

But tonight is about feeling ready for tomorrow.  Making sure the ipod is synced.  Making sure I remember the songs I've sung dozens of times.  Making sure that this week's class leaves you wanting more!

The posters are up, the instruments cleaned, the lesson notes checked.

Hope you are excited, too!  Good things are coming...

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