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Sunday, August 28

Kindermusik makes parenting easier

We've all been there.
"So much to do.  How am I ever going to get it all done."
A to-do list a mile long, and meanwhile, your child is wanting you
 to play with
to watch
to read to
to be there for
or her.

What's a parent to do?

Where do you go when your ideas are running short?
There are people who have done this before.  Millions.  But how do you know where to go to get the ideas?  I don't want "Google".  I want tried and true, face-to-face answers.

Kindermusik classes are just the place.  Not only do you hear advice from the expert developers of our curriculum, but parents who have been where you are at also attend the classes and know lots of ways to help.  Parents helping parents is a great place for ideas on how to make dinner and entertain a small child at the same time.  Or how to fold laundry while your two year old is wanting your attention, too.

But what I've heard more times than I can count is that Kindermusik has saved the day on long car trips, in doctor's offices, in grocery store line-ups, calming a crying infant, and even helping "owies" feel better.  The familiar songs and rhymes, the happy memories associated with our classes, and the parent-child bonding moments created have cemented wonderful neural connections in the brain of so many, many children.  Connections that when activated send messages of "this is amazingly awesome stuff - be happy".  And a happy, peaceful child is the sweet spot of any parenting experience.  The place where you look at your child and go "Ahhhhhh - life is good".

Kindermusik activities done in class become Kindermusik activities that can happen at home.  Maybe you remember getting out the laundry baskets in a Village class and scooting your baby around the floor while singing "Riding in a buggy baby mine, baby mine..." .   Your laundry day could have spontaneous buggy rides at home, with delighted squeals on the part of your child echoing in the background.

Or maybe your to-do list involves driving on a long car trip.  You could dig out the "On the Road" CD from summer camp this year and try several of the activities that the "Fluglehorn family" tried on their road trip.

If you have some cooking to do, you could get out your "Cookies" book and remind your child about how food is made, before tying on a tea towel apron and letting them help.  With the positive associations of these beloved Kindermusik activities, you are sure to have some very eager participants, and your role as "teacher of small children" becomes a breeze.  Who knew?  Parents of Kindermusik students do!!

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