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Monday, August 22

25 years!

On our Alaska Cruise at the Hubbard Glacier
August 23, 1986.  1:00 pm.  
White dress.  White tuxedo.  Friends and family.  I choose you...
First apartment.  First vacations.  First child.  First house.
More years.  More children.
Money challenges.  Job changes.  School changes.  
Friends change.  Extended family changes.  Even some health challenges.

And we are more in love than ever.  

In the words of that infamous song you wrote for me...
"We go together like peas in a pod
Corn on the cob,
Cheese and apple pie.
Dirt bikes and trails,
Boats and their sails
Til the planes fall from the sky."   (Don't know about that last line, but it is what it is...)

Love to you always.  I still choose you.

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