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Monday, August 22

Better Together

Meeting new friends.
Connecting with friends already made.
Shared passion.

These are the things of our weekly classes, but most currently, the Kindermusik Conference.  While I'm busy getting ready for the upcoming schedule of classes, I like to take some time in the summer to connect with my Kindermusik colleagues.  This year the conference was in Calgary (yeah....just a short drive!!) and I was able to see what's up and coming, meet some great Kindermusik support people/teachers, and spend some time encouraging the new educators.

Got some new ideas for class that I can't wait to share with you all.  Afterall, Kindermusik isn't about me learning stuff - it's about sharing our knowledge and musical experience together.  Me with you. You with me.  And Kindermusik home office sharing thier experience and expertise with us all!  We are better together.  We've all got something to contribute.

That's you, too!!  Did you know that the energy and enthusiasm you bring to the class is a boost for us all?  The energy of friendship, connecting with our children, and making music together is a powerful force.  Can't wait to make the magic happen all over again : )

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