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Sunday, November 27

Getting ready for Christmas

I know there are others of you out there.  People who do not have their Christmas shopping done and wrapped.  People who haven't decorated their homes yet.  People who haven't even thought about Christmas baking yet.

Part of me starts to get concerned when I am reading on Facebook or talking in person to others, and finding out that lots of my friends are  already finished with Christmas preparations.

Not me.  Not even started.

If you don't count the one banner that I hung the other day.  Yup - I pulled off one picture from the wall and put up a fabric banner that I bought in a Christmas store in Alaska  this summer.

It's such a BIG task - I've been putting it off.  Don't get me wrong.  I LOVE Christmas, but my kids are all past the excitement of helping to set up the tree, and want it just done.  Secretly, part of me would like to just wake up and have it done, too :)

But then I don't get the joy of being nostalgic as I look at all the ornaments.  The memories of Christmases gone by as I go through the kids' collections, and student gifts over the years.  OK, now that I'm thinking about it...what would it hurt to bring up a box or two tomorrow?  When I started blogging tonight I was thinking that I'd wait til next weekend, but maybe it's time to dive right in and turn up the Christmas tunes.


Anyone else game to take it one small step at a time?

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