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Sunday, November 13

Slowing down on an overcast day

It's been a couple of days of gray skies and snowy/wet weather.
Not snow-to-stay weather.
Just snow and melt weather.
Weather that makes you want to stay indoors, while the outdoors takes a break.

Makes me want to take a break, too, from
A full schedule both professionally
and personally.
Classes to teach, computer stuff to do...

...the weather makes me want to slow down.
Put my feet up and let my eyes fall shut.

Not such a bad idea.

Been reminded lately about living life consciously.  Making a point to be inspired.  Taking time to rest the body.  Reading a good book.  Nourishing our inner spirit.

A rested body supports the soul.  An inspired mind challenges the spirit.  A full spirit leads to making better choices for the body.

I LOVE Sundays!
Rest for the body - just restorative walks
The best music all week - feeding spirit and soul
Meeting with friends who have become family
Time to recharge for the great week ahead.

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