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Sunday, January 2

Welcome back!

Tomorrow I get to see you again!  Or at least some of you.  With all the Christmas/New Year celebrations it seems like just the other day we were all together...like no time has passed.

But if activities completed says anything, a lot of time has gone by.  I've really enjoyed having lots of time to cook for my family, visiting with friends and family, spending time with my grown up kids, and making lots of music.  I even got a lot of basement clutter sorted through, making way for a bedroom and bathroom development this year.  While there is still a little debris laying around (after all, with all the keep-or-toss decisions and Value Village drop-offs, it's an enormous task), my husband and I got the lion's share done.

But tomorrow the face-to-face, finish-off-semester-1-or-3 happens.  Sometimes when I'm at home feeling like I'm getting bogged down in the organizational aspect of the music lessons, it is the promise of bringing the joy to people that keeps me focussed.  So can't wait to see you all.   Truly.

And for all of you waiting for Our Time, Village, Imagine That, or Family Time classes, our return to classes is in just a couple of weeks.  Are you smiling as big as I am?

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