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Saturday, January 29

Glockenspiels as elevator music?

Across the board, one of the best parts about a Kindermusik class is using new instruments.  Children LOVE when I get out an instrument that has never, or rarely been explored  Sometimes the delay happens because we wait until a child is older.  Sometimes we wait for a particular concept to be addressed.

Lately, in Imagine That "Cities" class we have been talking about glissando.  As is typically the case, we introduce through play and imagination.  While the "elevator" - aka the purple mat magically transformed into a high rise elevator - goes up and down we use our voices to slide up and down.  Then, out comes the glockenspiel where we can slide our mallet up and down the keys, introducing our new musical word.

It's amazing to watch 3 and 4 year old children not only engage so enthusiastically in the pretend play, but to sing vocal glides and test out new techniques  on an instrument they thought they could only tap.

Not only are we learning new skills, we are enlarging the creative learning center of your child's brain through the development of new neural connections.  Creativity born through one activity means more creative capacity for future endeavors, as well.  So one day you may find your child writing their own musical compositions, or designing actual high rise buildings.

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