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Wednesday, February 2

One more time

I have favorite songs that no matter how many times I hear them, they make me smile.
I have favorite movies that I watch again and again.
I have books that I have read over and over.

Doing the same things can be a reassuring, restoring, reinforcing event.  There is a comfortable place in our brains that loves the replay of pleasurable experiences.  It makes us happy to know what to expect and to relive the moment.  

That's why in Kindermusik classes we repeat activities.  We use the bells to play along to "The Tailor and the Mouse".   We use the scarves to sweep up and sing "The Broom Man",  or we play the "Lucy Locket" game - week one, week two, and again on week three. 

Repetition helps to solidify learning, but it also helps people to feel at ease and comfortable.  So when we do our activites in a similar way from week to week, know that your child is getting the advantage of fully exploring ideas and concepts, and coming to feel that Kindermusik is as comfortable as a favorite blanket.

But there is also room for variation.  You'll notice that as we tap along to "Old Joe Clark" in Fiddle Dee Dee that there is a different way of tapping each week.  We expand the activity to include more ways to tap the sticks, and then we put the sticks in a hidden space and use our hands to clap along the steady beat.    Or another example would be that in Young Child classes, we explore  new ways of writing down music, using note circles on paper staff charts, the floor staff, and the flannel note chart - the variety helps to ensure that the concept is received through at least one of the modes of presentation.

Why not take your home instrument this week and play along to a recording on your home CD?   Then, ask your child how you could do it differently next time.

Or take time for yourself, make a big bowl of popcorn and watch your favorite movie again.  Sounds inviting, doesn't it?  After all, haven't you seen "Cars" or "Cinderella" just about 3 times past enough : )

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