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Tuesday, February 8

A song in their heart

Walking up the big spiral staircase to class the other day I heard the happy sounds of a little girl singing all the way up.  Dad was waiting at the top and ready to participate in class with her.  What a happy way to start the day!
Another mother was telling me about her 19 month old daughter singing "Ru ruque" (one of our beloved songs from the Fiddle Dee Dee children's book, "Animal Serenade") at home.  I later found a video of it on that mom's blog - SO sweet!

While playing instruments in class during Family Jam I was leaning over a 15 month old girl while reaching for an instrument and heard her humming away.  

And then as we were singing "Bow wow wow, whose dog art thou?" while passing around Rover (our classroom stuffed dog), I saw one of our youngest boys singing in perfect rhythm.  It was too loud in the class with all of us singing to hear his voice specifically, but I could see his lips forming the actual syllables.

Those are just a few examples of what I have been witness to this past week or two.  Just know that sharing our songs in Kindermusik is a great step towards a lifetime love of music.  When music is a regular and normal part of your family life, children grow up to be lifetime lovers of music.

Case in point, this afternoon while I'm blogging this, my 19 year old son who is supposedly studying in his room can be heard singing.  He has no idea we can hear him through the vents in the house, but it warms my heart to be listening in.  And my daughter found a DVD of "Mama Mia" while dusting the living room just now and suddenly broke out into song.  

If your child is not yet singing out loud in class, don't panic.  There are ways to encourage it.

Keep playing your Kindermusik CD's and sing along yourself!
Your enthusiasm for music will be "catchy" and rub off on your children.
Watch and see if when you do Kindermusik at home your children are singing along there. Some children are shy about singing in front of others, but they'll happily sing at home.
Make singing games - start with a familiar song, then change a few lyrics to make it a sillier version!

Your voice is your instrument that you carry with you wherever you go.  Encourage your child's mastery!  Clap, cheer, sing along.  And have you heard me mention that singing releases endorphins, those feel good hormones?    It's true! 

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