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Saturday, February 12

Happy share the love day!

Tomorrow we are having the extended family over for a family dinner.  It's a great time to get out the heart shaped dishes, the red table cloth and white plates and just fuss it up all for the sake of celebrating the love of family!

In the busyness of life it's easy to let things slip by, but family time is REALLY important.  And it's fun to make a big deal out of certain days.

But as fun as all the hearts and chocolate is, it's the everyday life that matters so much more.  The daily servings of looking after each other, homemade chocolate chip cookies, or filling up your spouse's gas tank.  It's the snuggling up with a favorite children's book, or putting on a movie and making popcorn to eat together.  It's developing a library of favorite songs - you know, the ones you laugh at, or dance to, or smile about secret meanings.

By now your family has a few Kindermusik songs on that list.  The family rocking time with the stuffies is meant to provide families with intentional time to connect physically and emotionally, using the power of music.  The lap bounces provide some emotional connection through humour and fun.  And the dances serve to join us together as a whole classroom.  As the  children get older and participate in Kindermusik more independently, the music at home provides a connection point for doing projects together.  Making an instrument together to bring to class, or practising note names together using smarties for note circles provide opportunities for parents to build into their child's life and learning.

So celebrate your family this Valentine's Day!  You've got a lot of memories to look back on already!

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