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Sunday, January 8

Finding inspiration

It always seems like such a wonderful dream, to come home after a day of teaching or shopping or running errands and have dinner then sit by a crackling fire with a great book and have time to read.  My mind is getting a little restless even as i write that - thinking that I should've done that today.

The trouble is there is always a list.

You know the one.  The to do list.  The list that says "Do me now!!!"
On mine is
making meals
picking up stuff left by others in the family
work-related administrative stuff
tidying a bathroom
grocery shopping
solving kids' dilemmas
dealing with the mountain of daily paper that comes to our home
...endless, really.

Most of it is non-negotiable, at least to a point.  When I settle in to read, my hands find 6 things to put away on the way to the couch.  But when I set aside the demands and make time for inspiration - what a sweet, sweet moment to be savoured.

Read two books over the holidays.  One by a newly found again, but long-lost friend from university days.  Another by an author whom I have read several times - Brennan Manning.  Both left me feeling like I had taken a breath of inspiration.  One took me on an adventure.  The other on a journey inward.

I love being inspired!  Love filling up my heart with love and wisdom and and hope and life-lessons.  The daily tasks, the giving part of life, seem so much lighter when the heart is full.

Sometimes I take the fast track to inspiration, though.
Watched some amazing youtube videos over the holidays.  Videos that had me with wet cheeks, videos that had my heart in my throat with their beauty.

And then there were moments of inspiration through live music!  Heart-melting, courage-building, awe-inspiring moments of "this-is-how-life-was-meant-to-be".  I walk away from such moments feeling like my heart is so full I couldn't keep the energy and love in if I tried!

I really do need to make MORE time for inspiration!  Makes me a better teacher.  Makes me a better Mom.  You too?

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