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Sunday, January 22

Your story

Whenever I start a new semester there are parents who are bringing their children for the first time.  Like any first time experience, they come with hopes but perhaps some reservations as to how their child will adjust to the class.

Just this last week I heard, again, from parents who had come for the first time.  One parent excitedly told me after the end of class time that she was completely surprised when her daughter came up for a hug, as she doesn't even hug her grandparents.

Another parent commented on how settled and "into" the class her son was because he usually just runs around.

These are comments that I keep in my heart as awards from a tough audience;  after all, if kids are not into what you are doing, they will let you know!  I LOVE helping families to love music through social connectedness, movement, and play.  Not just because it is fun to do - more importantly, because music has the power to transform a person's outlook and life expression.  Music can calm an agitated heart, bring energy to a just-waking body, translate deep emotion without even using words, and help a celebratory moment soar to greater heights.

The "moments" are not just for the new families, though.  This week I also had a mom tell me that her daughter delightedly exclaimed "KINDERMUSIK!!" when they pulled up in the parking lot, upon returning after a semester away.   And just this morning at church another returning Mom told me that she had waited til the morning of class to tell her son that they were going to Kindermusik that morning, and although he usually drags to get ready to go anywhere, he couldn't get out the door fast enough to get to class - wanting to leave at 7:30 am!

Moms, can I ask you to share your Kindermusik experiences with me?!  In February we are going to have an "I LOVE KINDERMUSIK" week where we have special things happen.  I'd love to be able to post some of your "moments".  You can post them on my Kindermusik Stepping Stones facebook page. You can send them to me via email at kmsteppingstones@shaw.ca, or leave them as a comment on this blog.  Share your joy!  Encourage the newcomers with your success stories.  Smile at the stories you read that are similar to your own.

Here are some suggestions -
What is your favourite Kindermusik curriculum book?
Does your child have a Kindermusik instrument stash that they use for "Family Jam"?
Has your child latched on to a particular lullaby from the rocking with the stuffies time?
Has your child felt so proud showing grandma and grandpa their new instrument and displaying their skills?

Share one sentence!  Or share a few!  Share a humourous moment, or a quietly touching one.  Share an observation.  Share a learned skill.  Share a parenting tip you've learned from Kindermusik or from a class parent contact.  Your story is one click away from making someone's day!  I know it will make mine!

Share with Our Kindermusik family - we all are better together!

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  1. What a great idea. We're currently in Taiwan and today is Chinese New Year! Viewing your blog and Facebook page helps us stay connected when we are on holidays.