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Tuesday, January 3

New Year's Goals: Children loving music!!

It's the New Year and many people start thinking about what goals they have for the year.  You know, the usual
- I need to get in shape
- I need to organize the basement
- I want to take a course
- I want to ...
But so many times people have a list of things they want to see happen, and don't have a plan for seeing it through.

I was at my hair stylist's house this afternoon getting my 5 week cut, when in wandered her 9 year old daughter.  Kayle had been in Kindermusik since she was 5 weeks old, and I recently heard from her piano teacher what a pleasure it is to have her in piano lessons.  She is naturally very musical, but the lessons over the years have helped to elevate her natural gifting to an even more established talent.

A few minutes later, one of her other daughters, the youngest at 4 years old wandered in to use a nearby washroom...singing her way in, and then through the entire washroom visit.  As I could hear her in the adjacent room, I commented to her mom about how remarkably in pitch she stays.  A great auditory memory, indeed.

The mom, Corinne, has had her girls involved in music lessons since they were VERY young and it remains a big priority for their family.  There are always lots of things on the go, like most families, but music making always remains on the list.

I was sharing with a new-to-Kindermusik  mom on the phone the other day that although Kindermusik is a well researched and developed by experts program, the fundamental reason why so many families stay over the years, is that it makes making music a pleasure.  Fun in the classroom, fun on the road, fun at home.  And I hear that from families almost everyday!

Moving to great rhythms.
Using instruments to play along in ensembles.
Using our voices to sing what's in our hearts.
Developing a sense of belonging to a community of other musically minded families.
It's all part of what we do every week!  And one moment at a time we are helping your child to know music, to feel music, and to LOVE music!

On your list of goals this year, why not commit to the process of encouraging a lifelong love of music in your children by coming to Kindermusik classes again this semester? Never been?  No time like the present to come be a part of it!  The first class preview is FREE!

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