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Tuesday, March 1

Get your groove on

It was another opportunity to appreciate the music talents of my own family.  Friday night was the "Big Band Ball"- the annual fundraiser sponsored by the W.P. Wagner music department.  The various bands practise several jazz and top forty tunes to play for the paying patrons following a fabulous buffet dinner.

So for 3 1/2 hours we watched the high school kids play.  Every once in a while some of the adults would get up and join the youth on the dance floor...but they really owned the night.

As someone who loves music and encourages families to dance everyday, I always feel such a sense of joy as the kids get up and dance.  They don't care what they look like and it's so fun to watch them try the moves to

The Chicken Dance
The Macarena

and the various other free dances that go on.  They dance as couples, they dance as a line, they dance in clusters.  They dance...and it is great!

Some of my friends called out to me as I was coming back from watching my son up close, "Hey Heather - they're playing your song".   And I called back, "you don't think I'm going to do it, do you?"  And I was up doing the "YMCA" as they were giggling and, I think, secretly wishing they were brave enough to join me.

Then Sunday at church we had the Watoto Children's choir from Uganda - and can those people dance!  What a great morning that was with the drums, the children, the dancing, the singing...

We were made to dance - but sadly most of us lose our willingness to be openly joyous and celebratory as we enter adulthood, and our reserved culture or fear of not doing it right take over.  But dancing is born in us all.  You know it's true - you've seen it in your own child's bobbing knees as you put on the tunes at home.  So...today...find your favourite song...look it up on itunes or youtube if you don't already have it...draw the curtains if you need to...and get your groove on.  Your spirit will be glad you did :)

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