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Tuesday, March 22

Waiting for Spring

Here in Edmonton, we have endured a very long and cold winter.  In the big scheme of world-wide events it seems like such an insignificant situation, and yet when we are honest - we are sooo longing for Spring.  As I write this, it is two days past the official start of Spring, and it is snowing and cold and gray skies still abound.

I don't really mind the cold so much - but I do miss the blue skies.  On second thought...I take that back.  The cold is tiresome, too.

So what to do when the weather won't co-operate with our present longings?  

I look for the things I still love regardless of the weather.  

Topping that list is meeting with friends.   I can still meet for coffee with friends - going out for lunch or connecting at a class.

I can still cook for my family - making meals you can cook in the oven and not worry about heating up the house too much.

I can still prepare for the Easter musical at my church - all the rehearsals and extra preparation is actually easier when there is no distraction of outdoor weather.

Teaching piano lessons and motivating students to practise is SO much easier when the weather is still uninviting.

Kindermusik can be loved in the class, in the home, travelling in the car.  You don't need to be outside for those feel good moments.  You may think that sounds cliche coming from a Kindermusik teacher, but  it's totally true of how I feel.

School studies for my kids are easier.  Getting my taxes done is easier.  Spring cleaning is easier

Sure.  I'd like to be outside with my hands in the dirt - getting the planters and garden ready for flowers.  And I can hardly wait to ditch socks and put on sandals.  But I can still go barefoot in the house and paint my toenails, even if it's only for me.  And don't they sell tulips in the stores?  Who needs to wait for them to come up out of the ground? 

So celebrate the arrival of Spring!  It's here.  Oh, I can hear you saying that it isn't.  But it is what we make it to be.  The best part of Spring for me is the way it smells outside and the flowers coming up.  So I may have to run my own investigation of available "Spring" home aromas, but flowers - they are easy.  Next stop...the florist.  After all, a happy mother brings a feeling of lightness and Spring to the whole home.

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