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Monday, March 7

Layers of learning

I was talking to a Kindermusik mom the other day and the conversation turned towards friends not understanding the benefit of classes.  Undeniably, they are fun, but to the untrained eye, many of the activities in class may not be fully understood for their relevance to overall learning.

In Kindermusik we take a layered learning approach to teaching.  Perhaps if I take last week's Imagine That class and break it down, it will better explained.  

We have a theme of "Cities" this semester and have been using our city to increase our power of observation as we look at our city poster each week to see what is going on in the city that day.   As we walk down our "city streets" in class we gain skills in expressive movement and moving to a steady beat as we adjust our strides to the sounds of the drum.  Even our ability to use signing to "stop" on cue, has the layered learning effect of watching for visual and audible cues to control our bodies, useful not only in music, but in regular life.

We also use signing in Kindermusik as a means of extending our pretend play.  Last week, for example, in Imagine That class we used the sign for "camera" to help us go on a city walk and "take pictures", and to use that to sing a new song and segue into our story telling mode.  We used the process in our family sharing time at the end of class so that parents and children could share in the fun together.  

Every activity in Kindermusik is done intentionally to build family connectedness, understand how literacy improves our lives, increase our musicality through our use of instruments or singing voices, or share in the love of community with others who also love to make music.   There are gross motor and fine motor development opportunities as we dance, wiggle, shake, ring, share, and use various props.  Even the home activity is useful in reinforcing concepts we touch on in class, allowing parents and children to experience together, making powerful learning moments happen.  

Ever wonder why your children love coming to Kindermusik so much?  It may be in part because we work so hard to make it effortless learning for your child.  Learning through play feels like no work at all.

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