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Thursday, March 31

Growing into men

Setting the stage:

We have a chore chart in our house.  Maybe you do, too.  It goes something like this...each of my kids has one big responsibility for the week and a smaller one that happens a few times (eg.  finishing supper prep, taking out the trash).  I have a list, too. Not surprisingly, my stuff happens without reminders.  For the most part...regardless of the chart, the kids need reminders to keep up with their end.


I've made supper and it seems like I've used every mixing bowl we own.  The counter is a mess but I run the full dishwasher just before supper on the fast mode because at 6:30 an out-of-town friend and her daughter are coming over for a visit. Just as my kids and I are finishing clearing the table and I've opened a very-hot-just-finished dishwasher, the doorbell rings.

They're here...not ready!

I've known this friend for 20+ years and she's seen me and my house at my less than best, shall we say.  But still...you know.  You want things kind of presentable.  So as I'm saying "Excuse the mess" and opening the door, we get busy chatting and sit down in the living room.   An hour or so later, she asks my "barrista" daughter to make her a latte and as we move to the kitchen  I am utterly amazed...without being asked...my two boys...men, rather...have cleaned up the entire kitchen.  Unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it back up, done the sink dishes that can't go in the dishwasher, cleaned up all the food from supper, and wiped off the counters.  I was in a delighted state of "can-this-really-be true?!"

So here's my encouragement from this side of mothering:  while your kids are enjoying the "helping is fun" stage get them helping with household chores.  The day will come when it's less than fun for them, and they do it because "they live in your home, too, and it's part of being in a family, and mom says so". But one glorious day, one perfect day, they will surprise you with doing it out of love.

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  1. Love this, Heather! Thank you for sharing. So heartwarming and encouraging to know that our hard work as parents comes around full circle in the end! Love your blog:)