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Sunday, October 2

Encouraging the nurture nature

Every week in Our Time and Family Time when we have our Quiet Music and rocking time, we get out the "stuffies".  Sometimes children don't need a "stuffy" to rock, they just snuggle in with mom or dad or grandma - but most often it's just more fun to rock with a "stuffy friend".

Sometimes we use a scarf as a blanket for our "stuffy friends"!

Quiet music is calming and helps children to experience intentional relaxation, and the rocking also helps children to feel steady beat in their whole body.  You've heard me say that in class, I'm sure.   But did you know that taking care of our stuffy friends also encourages your child's nurturing nature?   As we rock the stuffies, remembering to stroke their head and hold them close, we are passing on the love of caregiver to the one cared for.  As we then gently tuck the "stuffies" back into their bed (aka the box), children are experiencing the wonder of imagination development and the joy of caring.

One of our most important jobs as parents is to teach our children important life skills.  Learning to be a nurturing person goes a LONG way in the development of our best selves.  And aren't these precious rocking moments with your child, ones that get filed away in your own memory bank of life's best minutes?  You know you love to nurture...so will your child!

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