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Sunday, October 30

Thinking of enrolling in 2012?

The new fall schedule is up and available on-line!
Families exploring legato and staccato with egg shakers!
Here is an advance heads up for you...

One large Kindermusik studio in town unexpectedly closed it's doors in September, and another large one is set to close in November!
That leaves lots of Kindermusik families with very limited options.

I have added a few options and moved a few classes around to accomodate having more children in the program, but spaces are still limited.

My passion is to bring music to families, but a girl only has so much time...

Check out the new schedule and bring in your registration for the coming term.  Reservations are necessary!!!  And prices are holding at the same price they have been for years!  The same discounts are available for families with multiple enrolled children!


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