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Sunday, October 16

Kindermusik at home

Each week there are stories I hear from families about how Kindermusik activities are being lived out again at home.  The activities that we enjoy in class have become a normal part or the children's experiences, and they start to incorporate them into their daily lives.

Just this past week a grandmother who comes with her granddaughter was telling me about how the "stop" hands were being translated at home.  Her little musical munchkin had been asking Mom and Dad...and their dog, "Charlie", to do "stop hands".  Someone had then told her that Charlie couldn't do stop hands to which she replied..."stop paws, Charlie".  Clearly someone has been noticing routines in the classroom and had moved into the imitative realm of reliving moments - a precursor to imaginative play! :)

A few days ago I was on facebook and one of the moms had posted this picture and speculating that the son was "proposing" to his little sister.  I posted a note back to her about how in Kindermusik for the Young Child we had been learning a song about a frog courting a mouse, and that I had explained to the students about a man getting down on one knee to ask his love to marry him.  Mom had caught this picture of their play and let me borrow it for here.

Then there are the stories of children singing their Kindermusik songs while travelling.  Stories of playing Kindermusik class at home and pretending to be "Mrs. Wiebe" or "Teacher Heather".  

One of the best parts about Kindermusik is that it can continue long after families have left the 4 walls of the classroom.  Mother/son dances at home, family time sing-a-long while travelling, and weekly musical  projects from the home activity books or web site are all value-added bonuses of involving your young musician in a Kindermusik semester!

Hours of imaginative play and creative song composition as you and your child make up silly new words to familiar Kindermusik songs are all great ways to strengthen your child's growing sense of self-expression!  

Just to get you started, try looking at one of your Kindermusik books today and talk through it without reading the text.  Talk about the colours on the page, talk about what each character is doing.  Talk about the musical/rhythmic aspect is used in the book....pat your legs to the rhythm of the text for syllable recognition.  Act out the story in some way....you've got the idea, I'm sure!

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