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Sunday, October 23

When saying "No" is better than "Yes"

Ever feel like life is one big "to do" list?  There is the Monday routine, the Tuesday routine,  the....you get the picture.  We working moms have so many things to juggle from keeping the family well fed, to laundry, to chauffeuring, to keeping on top of work responsibilities, to maintaining friendships, to taking care of our physical and emotional selves.

I love my life.  I love teaching.  I love my family.  I love my friends.  I love being involved and contributing to my world.  There are so many interesting things in life to try - so many interesting people to get to know.  But... sometimes I find myself saying "yes" to too many things and feeling stressed at the end of it all.  

When I make better choices and say "no" to a few - it makes me feel better about the things I said "yes" to.

This weekend was good.
I said "no" to going to the gym early - and said "yes" to sleeping in.
I said "no" to doing more of the chores myself - and "yes" to asking my family to contribute.
I said "no" to going to a free class - and "yes" to spending time with my husband.

Making a fire.  Reading a book.  Playing a game with my son.  Singing with friends.  Taking a walk.  Long chats over cups of tea.  Eating birthday cupcakes...moments best savoured in an unhurried way.  Moments that restore and renew!  Moments that make me a more content mom, a happier teacher, and a more balanced woman.

Kinda reminds me of the principles behind our quiet rocking time in class - learning to relax is a learned skill we use our whole lives.  Even teachers, sometimes, need a refresher course.

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