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Monday, October 18

Getting Smarter Day by Day

One child and two rhythm sticks can equal a great big bunch of improv! Especially when you have an excited cheering section, ready to encourage with modelling and expansion we call "scaffolding". Scaffolding happens when mom or dad observes what the child is already doing and encourages them to try those actions in expanded ways. For example, if your child likes to wiggle the sticks, you could suggest wiggling them as the "rabbit ears" or "kitty whiskers" that we've seen happen in class.

Or how about tickling your feet with them, or mom's feet, for that matter!

Hiding them in your pants is over-the-top funny when you are two! The more options, the better, really. Creativity is a learned concept. As we model out-of-the-box options for our children in pretend play, they are starting to gather ideas from which to draw on later. Stimulating new learning pathways in one area of interest actually makes physical connections in their brain, making new creative endeavors next time easier and faster. Even if the new creative option has nothing to do with the previous project.

Creativity is a skill that is built up through opportunity and practise. So if you don't have rhythm sticks at home, get out a couple of spoons to play along with your Kindermusik CD's.

And bring your new wild and crazy ideas to class to share with the rest of us!

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